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  • The implant

  • The cement

  • The cement delivery system

  • 3D mapping software


The SpineJack®, which is a bit like a car jack, is used to restore a collapsed vertebral body after a fracture and then to maintain this restoration until a stabilizing material is injected to permanently immobilize it. The range includes 3 different sizes (different diameters and lengths) to adapt as effectively as possible to the three-dimensional nature of vertebral bodies.

The SpineJack® is intended on the one hand to restore a collapsed vertebral body after a fracture, and on the other to maintain this restoration.



It is of utmost importance that practitioners have full control over the injection of cement and obtain reliable long-term results, particularly in the case of complex fragmented fractures associated with underlying medical conditions that affect bone quality.

Our polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) bone cement has been specially designed for the treatment of complex vertebral compression fractures. PMMA has unique properties that make it both versatile and tough.



We have developed our own mixer to ensure the cement is perfectly homogenous.


We make this software available to doctors so that they can objectively measure the anatomical reconstruction of the spine after surgery.

The 3D reconstruction technique uses CT scans and leading edge software to evaluate the anatomical restoration in a clear and accurate way that is both reproducible and easy to work with. These images were produced by CT scans performed before and after surgery (1 mm thick sections).