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  • I was operated on last summer after a 2.5 m fall onto a concrete floor. I fractured two lumbar vertebrae. The impact immediately paralyzed me. The doctors and I were very worried that I would not walk again. Dr. Barreau performed the operation at the Hospital of Bordeaux (France). I was able to walk again the next day and have gradually regained mobility. Even though I still have some pain, I am delighted with the ease and effectiveness of the procedure.

    Marine, patient in August 2010, 23 years old

  • "I had a SpineJack® operation in January 2014 after a 17-metre fall during the final phase of a mountain rescue operation. I had a fracture of the L1 vertebra. The operation was carried out by Dr. Vouaillat at the Clinique des Cèdres in Grenoble. I was quickly back at work and enjoying my professional and sports activities, after obtaining my certificate of aptitude. Today, I can carry a 15 kg backpack, go skiing and rock climbing without any restriction."

    Bruno N., Mountain Rescue Professional, 36 years old


  • “As professor of osteoarticular radiology, I treat 100 to 200 patients suffering from vertebral compression fractures every year. I have used SpineJack® to treat about ten patients who have experienced trauma with a vertebral fracture and Vexim’s technology has allowed me to restore the anatomy of their vertebrae as best as possible. For now, I use SpineJack® mainly to treat trauma, because no fibrosis has developed in the fracture and the fragments are better able to return to the anatomical position. We generally see patients with osteoporosis fairly late. However, I think we should use SpineJack® more often with these patients, especially when the fracture causes kyphosis. Having witnessed 15 years of kyphoplasty developments, I think that Vexim’s technology is the first to offer a system that restores the anatomy of vertebra as best as possible, and it could permanently replace kyphoplasty.”

    Prof. Theumann, Professor of Osteoarticular Radiology at the University Hospital of Lausanne (Switzerland)

  • “I have used SpineJack® for three years and have been able to treat more than 150 patients using this technology. SpineJack® allows me to anatomically restore patients’ spinal columns in a simple and safe way. 90% of the operations performed in the hospital’s “spine division” use SpineJack®. I think Vexim offers one of the best innovative technologies in the treatment of vertebral compression fractures: I can be sure that my patients will regain their previous quality of life after the operation.”

    Prof. David Noriega, Orthopedic Surgeon at the Universitary Hospital of Valladolid (Spain)

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