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  • I was operated on last summer after a 2.5 m fall onto a concrete floor. I fractured two lumbar vertebrae. The impact immediately paralyzed me. The doctors and I were very worried that I would not walk again. Dr. Barreau performed the operation at the Hospital of Bordeaux (France). I was able to walk again the next day and have gradually regained mobility. Even though I still have some pain, I am delighted with the ease and effectiveness of the procedure.

    Marine, patient in August 2010, 23 years old

  • "I had a SpineJack┬« operation in January 2014 after a 17-metre fall during the final phase of a mountain rescue operation. I had a fracture of the L1 vertebra. The operation was carried out by Dr. Vouaillat at the Clinique des C├Ędres in Grenoble. I was quickly back at work and enjoying my professional and sports activities, after obtaining my certificate of aptitude. Today, I can carry a 15 kg backpack, go skiing and rock climbing without any restriction."

    Bruno N., Mountain Rescue Professional, 36 years old